Saturday, May 4, 2013

México/United States: Mexican Cartels Represented in 1,000 US Cities, Windy City Impaired by Drugs

According to EFE, the Mexican cartels that are the principal source of illicit drugs coming into the United States have managed to extend their tentacles to the US heartland, namely, Chicago, where they represent a significant threat to public safety.

Sad as it is to say, Mexican cartels now have a presence in more than 1,000 US cities, according to the US Justice Department.

México’s powerful Sinaloa cartel, led by fugitive Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán Loera, boasts such a strong presence in the Windy City that the Chicago Crime Commission has labeled him “Public Enemy No. 1,” a label first bestowed on notorious Italian mob boss Al Capone.

Even Forbes has ranked Guzmán Lorea, approaching 60 years of age, as one of the most powerful people in the world with a net-worth of roughly US$1 billion.

COMMENT:  Although the US' "War on Drugs" has been an abysmal failure, due largely to the high percentage of Americans using illegal drugs, I nevertheless do not believe that even marijuana should be "decriminalized" as it has been in Colorado and Washington, as the science has demonstrated that it is in fact a "gateway" drug.

Below is a link to a posting I filed last year concerning a courageous Mexican mayor and physician, Dr. María Santos Gorrostieta, who after surviving two assassination attempts (which also claimed the lives of her first and second husbands) while serving as mayor of Tiquicheo, was eventually abducted, tortured, beaten and stabbed to death by one of the powerful cartels in México in November 2012:
Although many foreigners look unfavorably on México, they fail to realize that it is those illegal drugs bound for the US that are coveted by the cartels, even as citizens in many of the US states want to see marijuana legalized, as it was recently in Colorado and Washington.

Even as courageous people in countries around the world stand up to the cartels of all nations, some even dying unspeakable deaths such as Dr. Santos Gorrostieta did, US law enforcement has permitted the Mexican cartels to take hold of American culture to the point that the "War on Drugs" has indeed been lost without acknowledgment.

Left unchecked by Federal law enforcement, it could be only be a matter of years before the Mexican cartels become a dominant factor in the US, particularly given Americans' ravenous addiction to illegal Mexican drugs.