Sunday, May 5, 2013

North Korea: DPRK Says It Has No Intention of Inviting US Diplomats to Discuss Imprisoned American

As a follow-up to my May 3 posting, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) said earlier today (May 5) that it has no intention of inviting US diplomats over the issue of US Citizen Kenneth Pae, 44, being found guilty of "hostile action" against the DPRK and sentenced to 15 years of compulsory labor by the country's Supreme Court on Tuesday (April 30).

The US State Department on Thursday (May 2) urged Pyongyang to immediately release the sentenced American, who was identified by Pyongyang as
Pae Jun-ho and by Washington as Kenneth Bae.

COMMENT: Despite the fact that North Korea can barely feed its people and care for their social welfare needs, the DPRK appears to be motivated only by hostility toward Washington with promises of striking the US with nuclear warheads at such time as it develops such capability.

Unfortunately for the US, the Chinese government in Beijing seems unwilling to exercise its influence over North Korea, which should send a clear message-point to Washington.

It is regretful that the US State Department can no longer seemingly restrict US citizens from traveling to certain countries as it did in the past, as having naive Americans such as Pae travel to North Korea, thinking there will be no political repercussions, is fool-hardy.  

Sadly, many US citizens travel the world to high-risk, politically-charged nations, thinking that the US will solve the predicaments they get themselves into. Very often, as in this case, Washington's hands are tied, unless of course, the US succumbs to extortion.