Thursday, May 2, 2013

Spain: British Pensioner, 77, Injured in Armed Robbery, Home Invasion in Antequera

According to The Olive Press (a major English language news website based in Spain), a British pensioner, 77, was beaten up, injured and victimized earlier this week in an armed robbery and home invasion of his village home near Antequera.

The victim, who asked not to be identified due to the fear of retribution, was rushed to a local hospital for a blood transfusion and a brain scan after being tied up and severely beaten by a gang of four assailants. 

The gang, believed to be of Spanish nationality, are still at large after taking roughly €2,000 (US$2,636) in personal property from the victim's home.

The home invasion occurred at 2100 hours when the victim heard glass being broken in his kitchen.

COMMENT: All foreign residents living abroad should have a lockable "safe room" with barricade bars top and bottom in their residence to which they can seek physical refuge in the event a home invasion occurs. This enables the would-be victim to be safeguarded, thereby permitting criminals to take whatever they want.

Unfortunately, the victim in this case made a very bad choice by arming himself with a metal pole as four masked assailants entered his home. As a result, the victim was quickly disarmed by the intruders, yet such an action may well have been the motivation behind the victim's subsequent severe beating.

As I have pointed out in countless other postings over the years, arming oneself with a metal pole or any weapon while confronting multiple assailants is never a wise strategy, as most criminals enter homes NOT to maim residents, but to steal property of high value.

Unfortunately, the victim repeatedly told the assailants he had nothing of value, at which point they continued to beat him and threatened him with garden sheers and a knife. Eventually, he was tied up with telephone cord, despite very serious injuries to his head and hands.

Subsequently, the assailants ransacked the expatriate's residence and eventually did find several items of value amounting to €2,000. 

In time, the victim was able to free himself and call the police and an ambulance. The elderly Brit required several stitches to his forehead and hands after the ordeal.

Additionally, there are additional lessons to be learned from this case:

1. Ideally, elderly pensioners should live in developments that are occupied by other persons, so as to have friends and tenants they can count on in an emergency;

2. Particularly in Spain, given the high unemployment, it is wise for foreign residents to effectively secure the entry/egress points into their residences, as many foreigners who are known to locals are considered high-risk targets because of their possessions;

3. If you are physically being threatened over property, give it up! Nothing is worth your life; and

4. If you have valuables in your residence, don't lie about it, as you may be physically threatened far more as a result of your deception.

Antequera is a city and municipality of 46,000 inhabitants in the province of Málaga in southern Spain and is located 45 kilometers from Málaga, 115 kilometers from Córdoba and 160 kilometers from Seville.