Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Spain: Update--Dutch Couple Violently Tortured Before Death, Dismembered, Answers Elusive

As a follow-up to my posting of May 28, and according to Spain's La Verdad, it is believed that Dutch citizens Ingrid Visser, 35, and her boyfriend, Lodewijk Severein, 57, were brutally tortured over a period of days, murdered and dismembered by Juan Cuenca Lorente, 36, and two Romanian hit men he had hired, Ion Valentin, 59, and Constantin Stan, 47.

It is believe that the couple was murdered some time during May 14-25, although forensic analysis should pinpoint the time of death in coming days.

According to La Opinion de Murcia, Ms. Visser was reportedly three months pregnant at the time of her death.

According to Levante-EMV, Severein had loaned a large sum of money to Lorente and reportedly had gone to Murcia to recover it, apparently thinking he had been duped.

Local news accounts indicate that Mr. Severein's teeth had been pulled out while he was still alive and his jaw shattered.

COMMENT: Our condolences and sympathies are extended to the families of both Mr. Severein and Ms. Visser and hope they find some closure in the fact that those responsible for their deaths will be punished, hopefully for life.

Unfortunately, rather than reporting the dispute to police or retaining an attorney, both Visser and Severein met the three assailants in a secluded farmhouse in Molina de Segura, some 20 kilometers from Murcia, not knowing that the trio had planned to murder them.

At a minimum, Severein should have met the men in a very public place with lots of people, but for some strange reason he and Visser agreed to meeting the men in a place they totally controlled.

All three assailants were arrested by Spanish police in Valencia, some 230 kilometers north of Murcia.

What is most interesting in this case is the fact that Ms. Visser played volleyball on Lorente's team in Murcia for a number of years, yet she failed to successfully interpret Lorente's true self. 

The fact that he had hired two hit men and had the resources to do so, suggests that Visser never really knew him. As I have said in the past, we must all, first and foremost, survive and prevail, and always have a suspicious nature of people we really do not know.