Sunday, June 9, 2013

Arizona: New Jersey Tourist, 33, Killed on ATV in Sedona, Not Wearing a Helmet

According to The Daily Courier, Nadiya Zaverbna, 33, from New Jersey, was killed on Wednesday afternoon (June 6) when she had an "accident" on her rented ATV in Sedona.
Ms. Zaverbna was riding the quad near Loy Butte, with her fiancé, who was ahead of her on another rented quad. At approximately 1400 hours,  the man looked back and saw that she had crashed.

A Jeep tour group stopped to assist until paramedics arrived on the scene, but deputies were told that the tourist had already died at the scene.

COMMENT: Sadly, Ms. Zaverbna was not wearing a helmet, which may have contributed to her injuries.

Unfortunately, adventure tourism, particularly where quads are concerned, many tour operators don't insist on safety protocols that should include a representative of the operator in every group to ensure that helmets are used at all times and that ATVs are used safely.

Needless to say, serious injuries and death stemming from ATV accidents are a frequent occurrence, mainly because tour operators don't provide thorough and complete hands-on training, fail to provide renters a list of do's and don't's and ensure that all safety protocols are adhered to.