Sunday, June 16, 2013

Australia: Herald Sun Reveals Sex Slavery of European Tourist, Tips for Solo Women Travelers

COMMENT: According to an exclusive report in Australia's HERALD SUN, a female European tourist, 21, has come forward claiming that she was kept as a sex slave in a Melbourne hotel room at Rydges Bell City Hotel Complex on Bell Street.

In the exclusive report that was given to the HERALD SUN, the victim was only able to escape her ordeal after she stabbed her abuser, Alfio Anthony Granata, 44, on Christmas Day 2012.

The HERALD SUN reinforces just how common sex slavery is, after an earlier UK police report of a similar rape incident from this year was released, which detailed how a teenage girl was raped some 90 times in one weekend. 

Additionally, in May 2013 a particularly disgusting case was revealed that involved a couple that kept their own niece as a sex slave for some 20 years.

I strongly suggest that our readers go to THE SUN HERALD link below to demonstrate just how depraved some people we walk by every day actually are.

To see the full text of THE HERALD SUN report, see:

Fortunately, the two co-conspirators in this tragic case included Granata and  Jennifer Mary Peaston, 32, were arrested after the victim's escape. They remain in custody.

As many of our regular readers know all too well, a good number of my postings in recent years have involved cases against solo foreign women that have left life-long emotional scars on travelers whose naiveté, inexperience and trusting nature have left victims of violent crime that include armed robbery, forcible rape, gang-rape and even homicide.

Thus, I again urge all solo women travelers to exercise extremely caution when associating with men who are strangers to them and "untested" in terms of potential ulterior motives that pose physical risks to women traveling on their own.

As I have said so often in the past, women traveling alone should develop a healthy suspicious nature of men they don't know. I also suggest that such women take a short self-defense class from a certified self-defense instructor so as to learn how to hurt an assailant and successfully escape from high-risk situations.