Sunday, June 30, 2013

Brazil: Six Armed Home Invaders Shoot, Kill Boy, 5, in São Paulo Because He Would Not Stop Crying

According to EFE, six gunmen who invaded the home of a Bolivian couple before dawn on Friday (June 28) in São Paulo killed their only child “because he wouldn’t stop crying,” police officials reported.

The mother of the young boy identified him as Bryan Yanarico Capcha, age 5, and told police that six armed men had broken into their home.

The married couple, who came to the city earlier this year to work in a clothing factory, gave the assailants the 4,500 reais (US$2,000) they had in the house, but the criminals demanded more.

In a brutal form of intimidation, the gunmen, infuriated by the boy's crying, summarily shot the couple's son in the head, obviously without giving it a thought.

COMMENT: Subsequently, the criminals fled at which point the couple rushed their son to the hospital, but died en-route. 

As I have said in numerous other postings over the years, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are among two of the most dangerous, violent cities in South America where foreign tourists are routinely robbed, assaulted, raped, duped and conned out of their possessions and valuables.

Both São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are classified as CRITICAL threat for crime by the US Department of State.

Expats and foreigners visiting São Paulo or Rio, short-term or long-term, should keep in mind that crime in both of cities is widespread, with local criminals focused largely on foreigners.

It is essential that all travelers to São Paulo or Rio exercise highly-focused personal security awareness. If not, they are very likely to become a victim of property or violent crime.

I continue to be concerned with Rio de Janeiro hosting both the World Cup during June 12-July 13 of 2014 and the Olympic Games during August 5-21, 2016, considering that the criminal threat in Rio has been classified as CRITICAL for the last 25 years. 

Critical threat is the highest level of the US Department of State's descending levels of Critical, High, Medium and Low.