Friday, June 21, 2013

California: Update--Three Panhandlers Who Stabbed, Killed Local Woman, 23, Arraigned

As a follow-up to my posting of June 19, three homeless men were charged earlier today (June 21) in connection with the stabbing death of Christine Darlene Calderon, 23, on Tuesday night (June 18) woman next to the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The three men, whom police describe as transients between 27 and 34 years old, were arrested in connection with the stabbing death of Ms. Calderon after police said the men attacked her at the intersection of Boulevard and Highland Avenue.

Authorities said Calderon was strolling down the Walk of Fame with a coworker after sunset when an amusing cardboard sign caught her eye. She pulled out her cellphone to snap a picture of men displaying signs asking for money with four-letter insults and a smiley face, they said.

COMMENT: Moments later, according to law enforcement sources, one of the men demanded that she pay $1 for the photo. When Calderon refused, she was attacked by all three men who stabbed her.
When Calderon got up to run away, blood was gushing from a stab wound in her torso. She collapsed and was pronounced dead at the hospital three hours later.

Although we express our condolences and sympathies to Ms. Calderon's family, her photograph of the homeless men may very well have set them off to demand money from her.

Unfortunately, Calderon should have paid the men the mere dollar that they demanded, as many homeless persons are not only destitute, but mentally ill and potentially dangerous as well.  

Sadly, Christine Calderon may very well have died for refusing to pay a dollar to the three homeless men.