Saturday, June 8, 2013

European Union: France Bans Satellite Navigation to Detect Speed Cameras, Stiff Fines

Drivers destined for France, Switzerland and Liechtenstein should know that  satnav speed camera detectors are illegal in these nations.
Additionally, the French government has installed 400 new cameras and eliminated many signs that show where existing ones are.

It is illegal to use satnav devices to detect fixed cameras in many European nations, so always check before you enter a new country, as regulations are changing frequently. Some fines can be as steep as 3,100 euros.

Almost one in five UK motorists who have driven in Europe have been stopped by police, but new research reveals there is widespread confusion about European motoring regulations.

COMMENT: Roughly a third of British drivers are unclear about speed limits and two-thirds are uncertain about rules governing the use of speed camera alerts on satnavs.

For full details on driving in France and the prohibitions of using speed detectors and satnav systems, see: