Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Global Impact: 1 in 10 British Women Sexually Assaulted, Harassed While Touring So. Europe

According to The London Evening Standard, research carried out by the European Institute of Studies on Prevention, surveyed 6,502 British and German holidaymakers aged 16-35 during the summer 2009 as they returned home from tourist hotspots. 

Of that number, one in ten British women is sexually assaulted or harrassed while on holiday in Southern Europe.

A survey of more than 6,000 people in various airports in Mediterranean countries found that one in 15 men have also fallen victim to harassment and assaults while on holiday in southern European countries such as Cyprus, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Crete.

Of the total, 8.6% said they had been sexually harassed while on holiday while 1.5% reported being raped.

COMMENT: The research, published in the JOURNAL ARCHIVES OF SEXUAL BEHAVIOR, revealed that women reported higher levels of sexual harassment, but gay and bisexual men were harassed just as much, and also reported the highest levels of sexual assault.

The STANDARD's report did not break out victimization statistics for German respondents. 

Harassment was higher in Mallorca or Crete, the survey found, and higher levels of harassment were associated with those who were young, British, gay or bisexual, frequent drinkers or attracted to bars where people get drunk, or those who used cocaine.
As I have emphasized in previous postings, tourists and travelers from all nations must exercise a strong sense of personal security awareness and a healthy suspicion of new acquaintances in order to avoid exploitation. 

Additionally, both men and women become increasingly vulnerable when they are alone and severely intoxicated. Thus, drinking in moderation is always a prudent choice.