Thursday, June 27, 2013

India: Girl, 10, Repeatedly Raped, Dies After Being Gang-Raped in Mumbai, Rape Crisis Continues

According to The Mumbai Mirror, a 10-year-old Indian girl died this week after being repeatedly gang-raped by four Indian teenagers between the ages of thirteen and sixteen in Mumbai on June 16.

The victim is said to have been lured to a secluded area in Hanuman Nagar after her alleged assailants, two of whom were brothers, if she did a chore for them for US$  .16.

Police officials in Turbhe said the young girl knew all four of her alleged attackers, and that one had actually raped her on a previous occasion.

The victim was initially rushed to a local hospital in Vashi, yet in time she developed a high fever and was transferred to the pediatric intensive care unit at the DY Patil Hospital in Nerul, where she eventually died on June 25.

COMMENT: The gang-raping of this very young girl might would never have been brought to the attention of authorities if the victim had not mentioned what happened to her to a school friend, who told her parents who in turn reported the incident to police.

All four rapists have been arrested and are in detention. 

As most of our regular readers know all too well, India is a country which has a formidable task at hand to dramatically change the way in which foreign and Indian women are viewed by Indian men.

It is an understatement that a priority for India's political leadership is to develop and implement an action plan on how to change the way in which Indian men perceive women of all ages. 

Tragically, in Indian culture females are not respected as they are in many countries abroad, and in fact are vulnerable to all sexual crimes, regardless of age, which is one explanation as to why rape has doubled in the last 20 years.

In recent months, intimidated by a large number of rapes of foreign women who have been traveling alone, India has seen its tourism amongst solo women travelers decline by as much as 35%.

Foreign women should be exceptionally cautious when interacting with Indian men who may have less than honorable motives. This means that women should be cautious when around Indian men until their intentions are fully determined.

Women visitors from abroad should also realize that many Indian men regularly use "date-rape" drugs to immobilize their victims and may even invite them to their homes where they can be victimized and controlled.

My advice to all  foreign women is to avoid being placed in a vulnerable situation with Indian men until their bona fides is fully corroborated. This means meeting only in public places until such time as their intentions are validated. 

Women should also drink only in moderation and observe very carefully the preparations of any drinks served to them.