Thursday, June 6, 2013

India: Update--Three Assailants in Rape of American Woman, 31, Arrested

According to CNN, Indian police earlier today (June 6) arrested three men in their 20s in connection with the gang-rape of an American tourist, 31, the latter of whom visited a popular Hindu temple in northern India before the assault. Evidence collected from a vehicle police seized has been sent to a lab for analysis.

The victim was raped after leaving the Vashishth Temple site around 0100 hours on Tuesday (June 4).  After failing to find a taxi to take her back to her hotel, she accepted a ride from three men in a truck who took her to a wooded area where they raped and robbed her.

COMMENT: As I have suggested in the past, solo travelers are urged to do their sightseeing during hours of daylight, given the risk of victimization at night when predators are most likely to be about.  

Six men are facing rape and burglary charges after the rape of a Swiss tourist in March.

Please see my list of tips for travelers in my posting on India of June 4.