Thursday, June 13, 2013

Indonesia: Assailant Arrested in Robbery, Rape of Perth Tourist, 28, in Bali

As a follow-up to my posting of May 1, 2013, police in Bali have arrested a man suspected of robbing and raping an Australian tourist, 28,  during a robbery at her family's rented villa in April. 

The suspect, an Indonesian, 30, who is originally from Lombok Island, was taken into custody in the  Balinese capital of Denpasar on Monday (June 10).

COMMENT: The suspect is accused of threatening the woman with a knife and demanding she hand over her wallet and open the safe in her room. When she opened the safe and there was nothing inside, he subsequently raped her.

After the robbery and rape, the assailant stole three iPads, two mobile phones and 1.5 million rupiah (US$192) from the house.

Following the attack, the victim needed hospital treatment, but was discharged soon afterwards, at which point she and her family returned to Australia.

It is hoped that the Indonesian government will finance the victim's return to Bali so that she can testify and derive some closure that her assailant has been convicted and punished, as many foreign crime victims don't testify, which often results in their assailants being released.

I will take this opportunity to again raise the fact that tourists to Bali should ensure that they stay in safe accommodations, such as luxury hotels, as many villas and bungalows have very poor physical security, which is why many foreign visitors have been targeted.

Finally, and particularly for Australians, Bali, although beautiful and charming, is hardly a low-risk destination, which mandates that visitors have a strong sense of personal security awareness. It is also a destination where many Australians have been victimized.