Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Italy: US Tourist, 21, Falls 50 Feet from Wall Near Rome, Dies on Impact

A US tourist, 21, has died earlier this week after falling 50 feet from a wall in the Trastevere district close to many foreign universities.
The victim was with five other friends sitting on the wall when he lost his balance and fell onto a sidewalk level with the banks of the River Tiber.  He died on impact. It is the third accident of its kind in the area in five years.

COMMENT: Police said they are interviewing friends that were with the victim to establish whether drugs or alcohol played a role in his death.

All travelers, but particularly young adults, should realize that the architecture and design of exterior structures in many countries pose a considerable risk to visitors with little attention devoted to life-safety.

Trastevere, located south of Vatican City, maintains its character thanks to its narrow cobbled streets lined by medieval houses. At night, natives and tourists alike flock to its many pubs and restaurants, but much of the original character of Trastevere remains. 

The area is also home to several foreign academic institutions including The American University of Rome and John Cabot University (both of which are private American universities), the American Academy in Rome, the Rome campus of the Thomas More College of Liberal Arts, the Canadian University of Waterloo School of Architecture (between the months of September and December).