Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Italy: US Tourist, 68, Resists a Mugging in Florence, Stabbed, Has Kidney Removed

According to the Italian news agency, ANSA, a US tourist, 68, underwent emergency surgery on Tuesday (June 11) after resisting a mugging and being stabbed severely while listening to street music with his wife. 

The man suffered knife wounds to a kidney and a lung as a result of the attack and is currently in stable condition at Santa María Nuova Hospital. His kidney was removed as a result of the confrontation.

COMMENT: The Italian assailant, 37, was arrested shortly after thereafter and remains in custody. 

As I have mentioned all too often in the past, many of us are far too attached to our possessions when assessed in the context of potentially being killed by a street criminal. Survival and living is much more important than losing a camera, a wallet or other valuables.

Unfortunately, most of us never think about the potential for being killed on a trip abroad, but it can and does happen, even to good people.