Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Jamaica: Update--US Businessman Shot, Killed in Crossfire Between Police, Fugitive

According to and as a follow-up to my posting of June 3, a shootout between police and a sought-after fugitive in Jamaica's  Savanna-La-Mar on June 1 left a well-known Kenosha County (WI) businessman dead. 

David Barnes, 52, who owned eleven Cost Cutters hair salons in Kenosha, Racine, Sturtevant and Burlington, was a tourist in Jamaica at the time of the shooting, which wounded another bystander and killed the fugitive.

COMMENT: Our condolences and sympathies go out to Mr. Barnes' family and hope they find solace and closure at this time of grief.

Barnes was a motivating force behind the Kenosha Boys and Girls Club and a member of the board for  17 years. He was a past president, and instrumental in fundraising to build a facility for the children.

Several years ago, Barnes and his wife were awarded the Mary Frost Ashley Patron Saint Award for their passionate volunteer work.

Visitors to high-crime countries, such as Jamaica, should take steps to be mentally prepared for sudden gunfire, know to recognize it and train themselves to seek cover if they hear firearms being discharged. One genuine way of understanding what gunfire actually sounds like is to visit a firing range.

Unfortunately, unlike developed nations, police in many developing countries have not yet reached a level of professionalism and discipline that they proactively hold their fire if innocent bystanders are present.