Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Montenegro: Romanian Military Aircraft Dispatched to Collect Dead, Injured from Tour Bus Accident

According to The Associated Press, the Romanian government has dispatched military aircraft to Montenegro to bring home the bodies of 18 Romanian tourists who were killed in a tour bus accident on Sunday (June 23), as well as 29 other Romanians who were injured in the accident.

The bus fell some 130 feet (40 meters) from the Zdrijelo Bridge into the Moraca River in a rainstorm, which is why the casualties were so high.

Four of the accident victims remain in critical condition.

COMMENT: It was not immediately clear what caused the driver to lose control of the bus, but the winding road that leads from Serbia in the north through the Moraca canyon and then to the sea coast is notorious for traffic accidents because it is narrow and slippery in wet weather.

The Romanian government is to be commended for using its military to promptly repatriate those killed in the accident and medically evacuate those injured.