Sunday, June 9, 2013

Oman: Expat's Home in Muscat Burglarized While Family Was Out, Major Losses Reported

According to The Times of Oman, an Indian expatriate's home on Honda Road in Ruwi (Muscat) was reportedly robbed between 2030 and 1030 hours on Friday (June 7) while the family was visiting a nearby Hindu temple.

According to the family, 140 grams of gold, a laptop, two professional cameras and their lens kits, two expensive watches, three phones, and one notebook were missing after the  break-in. Total loss of the family's valuables amounts to roughly US$12,000-US$15,000.

When the family returned from their trip to the temple, they discovered that their front door was locked from the inside, forcing them to break the lock in order to access the home.

COMMENT: Unfortunately for the victimized family, their residence is located on the ground floor, which renders the home particularly vulnerable to burglars, given the location of ground-level windows and exterior doors.

As most of our regular readers know, I strongly recommend against ground-level and second floor residence because of the vulnerabilities described above.

Additionally, I recommend that all exterior doors and windows be equipped with shatter resistant security film in order to prevent ground-level windows from being broken as well as keyed locks on all doors and windows. All exterior doors should be equipped with double-cylinder deadbolt locks.

My suggestion to the family that was victimized would be to relocate to a third-level to sixth-level residence to reduce the risk of burglary. 

Although local police visited the home to conduct an appropriate investigation, in my experience recovery of stolen property, particularly property that can be quickly sold, is rarely recovered.

The expat works as an accountant in Muscat and has been posted in the country for three years.

Ruwi is commercial hub and the main business district of Muscat. It is located rough five kilometers from the main residential localities of Al-Khuwair, Madinat Al Sultan Qaboos, Shati Al-Qurm and Al-Qurm.