Monday, June 17, 2013

UAE: British Tourist, 24, Who Assaulted Security Guard Sentenced to 30 Days in Jail, Deportation

According to The National, a British tourist, 24, who drunkenly attacked a security guard at the Irish Village in Dubai has lost his appeal against a month-long prison sentence. After drinking heavily with friends in July 13, 2012, the Briton assaulted a security guard after a heavy drinking session with friend.

When the security guard's colleague attempted to interfere, the tourist flashed his middle finger at them.

Both security guards said that the tourist and his friends made an utter mess of the bar, at which point complaints from other patrons who found the group's behavior annoying and disruptive forced the group to leave the premises.

COMMENT: When the tourist and his friends were asked to leave it was at that point that the security guard was assaulted, with the end result of being charged with assault, insults, committing an indecent act in public and consuming alcohol illegally. 

At his original trial at the Misdemeanor Court the tourist admitted drinking alcohol illegally, but denied committing an indecent act in public. However, he was found guilty of both and sentenced to 30 days in jail to be followed by deportation. He was also fined Dh1,000 (US$244). 

Upon appeal, both the Appellate Court and the Cassation Court upheld the 30 day jail sentence followed by deportation.  

As a footnote, and having traveled and worked in well over 65 countries over a 30-year period, I find it disappointing that so many foreign travelers find it necessary to either break local laws or be characterized as "ugly," thus being a poor representative of the nation they call home. 

Sadly, all nations have citizens that are unable to respect others and obey the law, yet for many, doing things the "hard way" is all they seem to understand. So be it. 

Another component of bad behavior is, of course, public drunkenness or impairment from one substance or another. Unfortunately, in today's world, as it is, and not as we would like it to be, the majority seem to be impaired.