Thursday, June 27, 2013

US Tourist, 25, Raped/Sexually Assaulted in Two Separate Incidents at Jaffa Flea Market

According to The Jerusalem Post, a US tourist, 25, was raped and sexually assaulted in two separate incidents on the same day, while visiting the Jaffa flea market on Tuesday (June 25).

In the first incident, the victim visited a shop at mid-day whereby the assailant threatened the woman and took her to a back room where he raped her. The assailant then took the woman to the store next door whereby the first assailant and a shop-worker sexually assaulted her.

COMMENT: The victim promptly reported the incident to local police, which resulted in the arrest of the two assailants, one 38 years of age, and one 44 years of age, on Wednesday (June 26).

Reportedly, the defendants appeared before a Tel Aviv magistrate earlier today (June 27) for a remand motion.

As I have urged previously, there are increased risks to women traveling alone, which is why, if at all possible, I recommend that women traveling abroad arrange for a VETTED traveling companion, as it significantly reduces personal security threats. 

Useful leads to locating traveling companions include: Traveling Together

As with all sources on the Internet...verify, verify and verify. Indeed, there are many questionable characters out there so conduct your own due diligence, ask about the vetting of members, raise safety and security issues and obtain the personal information of people you associate with. 

It is essential that you know who you are dealing with as unsavory characters abound.

Asking for a resume is a good first step.

I also strongly urge solo travelers to register their travel with their appropriate foreign affairs agency on-line and obtain international medical treatment and evacuation coverage (before you leave).

The Jaffa Flea Market is located in the Tel Aviv-Jaffa municipality and is an ancient port city in Israel. Generally speaking, most prices are inflated. Pickpockets and scam artists are NOT in short supply. This is one destination that you can skip. Not recommended for solo travelers.