Thursday, June 20, 2013

Yemen: Update--Local Media Reports That Dutch Couple Kidnapped

COMMENT: As a follow-up to my posting of June 17, the daily, Al-Yemen Al-Youm, continues to report that  Dutch couple living in Yemen has disappeared in Sana'a. 
Press reports said that the couple, who have not been named, had not been seen for a number of days and may very well have been abducted.

Western sources said the pair were teaching at the Lebanese International University in Sana'a, and the wife was also a journalist working for a radio station in The Netherlands.

COMMENT: One would hope that a minimum, the Embassy of the Netherlands in the Yemeni capital, would confirm or deny whether the couple has been kidnapped so that those in the international community can take necessary precautions.

A Saudi diplomat, Abdullah al-Khalidi, is still being held by al-Qaeda after being kidnapped in Aden in March 2012.

Al-Qaeda militants also are holding a South African couple abducted in May in the central city of Taiz, a security official said on June 6.