Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Australia: Jeweler Murdered for $200 in Armed Robbery in Hastings, Assailant Charged

According to The Herald Sun, Hastings jeweler Dermot O'Toole, 64, was allegedly murdered for no more than $200 worth of jewelry during a botched armed robbery of the shop belonging to O'Toole and his wife, Bridget, 63, who was injured as well.

The incident occurred on Friday afternoon, July 12.
Gavin Perry, 26, of Crib Point, appeared in Melbourne Magistrates' Court earlier today, charged with murdering O'Toole during an armed robbery at the couple's shop.

A third charge alleges that Perry robbed the couple of $200 in jewelry at The Jewelry Shed, while armed with a knife.

COMMENT: Our condolences go out to Bridget O'Toole and her family.

Police detectives seized shop CCTV footage of the fatal armed robbery, as well as CCTV footage of the assailant at a nearby supermarket before the crime took place. Also seized were the clothes worn by the assailant to determine DNA from the couple.

The sad commentary in this case is that it is very possible that Dermot O'Toole initially resisted the robbery attempt, at which point Perry turned on Bridget O'Toole, resulting in Dermot's coming to the aid of his wife, resulting in Dermot's death.

As I have urged so often in the past, where only property is at stake, it is never wise to resist an armed robbery. Property can be replaced, people cannot be.

It is unknown as to whether Perry is a repetitive offender.

It is worth noting that our lives are the most precious thing we have. Sadly, as our world becomes increasingly perilous and unpredictable, we must train ourselves to respond carefully to an unexpected crisis or threat, as instinctively reacting may well result in irreversible consequences (i.e, the loss of our precious life).

This report will be updated as new information becomes available.