Monday, July 29, 2013

Egypt: Associated Press Reports Seven Flight Cancelled, Others Operating at 50% or Less

According to The Associated Press, Cairo airport officials report that seven flights to Egypt have been cancelled and that others are arriving with less than 50% occupancy following weekend clashes that killed 84 people.
Passengers from Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Italy as well as Syria and Lebanon were rerouted Monday onto other planes because of low seat occupancy.

Fewer passengers are coming from Damascus and Beirut because Syrians escaping the war in their country now need visas for Egypt following changes to security rules.

COMMENT: Officials say that more than 55% of seats on flights to Cairo have been empty over the past three days. Political turmoil over the past 2.5 years has dramatically and negatively impacted on  foreign tourism.

Please see my earlier posting on the US Department of State urging US citizens to defer travel to Egypt and if in Egypt depart as soon as possible.