Monday, July 22, 2013

Global Impact: Berlin Prosecutors Charge Lebanese-German National w/Spying on Syrian Dissidents

According to The Associated Press, German prosecutors in Berlin have charged a Lebanese-German dual national with spying on exiled dissidents for Syrian intelligence.

Due to German privacy laws, the defendant has not been identified in the media, but reportedly is a male, age 60.

COMMENT: Reportedly the defendant worked for Syrian intelligence from September 2011 until February 2012. He attended meetings in Berlin organized by Syrian opposition activists and passed information on concerning the identities of opposition activists to a Syrian contact who was later convicted of spying for Syria, resulting in a prison sentence of three years.

In a related development, prosecutors also have charged a German-Syrian national with passing sensitive information to the Syrian Defense Attaché's office at the Syrian Embassy in Berlin. Hopefully, such an action will result in those involved being declared persona non-grata.

This report is yet another example of how diplomatic adversaries spy on each other, potentially jeopardizing lives.