Monday, July 1, 2013

Global Impact: Spanish Firm Innovates to Identify Humanitarian Objectives for Drones

According to The Latin American Tribune, Nitrofirex, a Spanish firm, plans to unveil the first drone designed to fight fires in México in coming days.

Nitrofirex is participating in a workshop on new technology for fighting forest fires at the Monterrey Institute of Technology, where it plans to introduce Mexico’s tech community to a project that developed new applications for unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs, better known as drones.

COMMENT: The drones designed by Nitrofirex are capable of carrying and dispersing a large quantity of liquid at the site of a fire.

The UAVs are launched from transport planes, fly to the location of the fire using a guidance system developed by the company and later return to base.

Nitrofirex has contacted several industrial firms in México as part of its effort to find investors for the project.

Our compliments go out to Nitrofirex for its innovations in developing humanitarian objectives for drones.