Saturday, July 20, 2013

India: Update--Six Assailants Gang-Rape Swiss Tourist, 39, Get Life in Prison

According to The Bangkok Post, six assailants accused in the gang-rape and robbery of a 39-year-old Swiss tourist were sentenced to life prison terms on Saturday (July 20) by a court in Madhya Pradesh. 

The six gang-rapists were sentenced to life in prison after the victim was repeatedly raped by farmers on Saturday (July 20) in mid-March in a remote, forested area of Datia district in central Madhya Pradesh state where the victim was camping with her husband.

COMMENT: The victim's husband, 30, was tied up and forced to watch as his wife was repeatedly raped and the couple was robbed. 

Only four of the six were charged with gang-rape because testimony from the victim said two of them were only present at the crime scene. 

Until such time as Indian men learn to respect women far more than they do now, foreign visitors are strongly urged to avoid camping in India, even in the company of a male partner or spouse. 

Alternatively, such persons should seek well-secured accommodations with formidable doors and deadbolt locks.