Monday, July 22, 2013

Nigeria: Update--Kidnapped British Expatriate Abducted in Lagos Released

According to Reuters, a British expatriate kidnapped on July 16 after arriving at Lagos International Airport, has been released, the British High Commission reported earlier today (July 21).
The Briton was kidnapped on July 16, by gunmen who attacked his four-wheel-drive vehicle after it left the airport's international terminal heading for a residential area of Lagos. His Nigerian driver was shot in the hand and left with the vehicle.
COMMENT: The kidnapping of expatriates by armed gangs seeking ransom has long been rife in Nigeria's oil-producing southeast but is rarer in Lagos, the commercial capital, where most foreigners live. 

A British businessman was kidnapped in March of this year in an upmarket district of Lagos, but was released four days later. It is assumed that a ransom was paid, given the resources, time and money that it takes to successfully abduct a foreigner abroad. 

In Nigeria's mainly Muslim north, kidnappings of foreigners for ideological motives by Islamist groups have taken a deadlier turn. The Islamist group, Ansaru, executed seven foreign hostages in March.