Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Nigeria: Update--New Information Re: Kidnapping of British Expat Returning to Lagos

According to http://www.allafrica.com, four days after he was abducted by members of a kidnap gang in Lagos, the victim, a Briton, was rescued Sunday (July 21) by a special police unit after detailed investigation led to the discovery of the gang's hideout.

Although the team arrested one of the gang members, it was unclear if the other gang members had fled based on a tip-off that the rescue team were en-route.

It was initially reported that the kidnappers had originally demanded a ransom of US$1 million, but also indicated that they were willing to negotiate.

COMMENT: Nigerian police were able to track the suspects through the phone number they had used to contact the family of the victim to negotiate the terms of the ransom. Presumably, they were unaware of untraceable mobile phones.

A rise in both ideological and economic-motivated abductions of foreigners in Nigeria should be a wake-up call for all foreigners to carefully review security vulnerabilities that may render them an easy target, avoid being a creature of habit, securing their residences and offices, and ensuring that no one except family members can pick up their children from school.