Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Philippines: Norwegian Tourist, 15, Raped in Ilocos Norte by Hotel Waiter, 22

According to The Associated Press, police in the extreme northern province of Ilocos Norte have filed charges against a 22-year-old Filipino waiter accused of raping a 15-year-old Norwegian tourist at a beach resort.

Police report that the assailant struck up a conversation with the young girl late Friday night (July 5) while she was alone by a pool at the resort in the province. 

Initially the waiter began groping the girl and later took took her to the cafeteria where he raped her.

When the girl told her parents what had happened, local police were promptly summoned.

COMMENT: I have emphasized in a number of postings over the years that it is essential that parents traveling abroad with children under the age of 18 thoroughly brief their children, particularly those that are post-puberty, of the threat that predators pose when underage children are not in the company of their parents or responsible babysitters.

One can only hope that parents thoroughly brief their children as they continue to grow older and urge them to immediately bring unwanted touching, sexual assault and rape to their parents' attention.

Another facet that many parents fail to discuss with their post-puberty children is determining when their sons and daughters become sexually active so as to educate them on the critical need for safe sex, recognizing that increasing young adults are having sex earlier and earlier.

It is essential that parents provide post-puberty children with mobile phones so they can call their parents for help if the situation warrants it.

After the waiter was confronted by police, he attempted to claim that the victim was his girlfriend, which she vehemently denied. He was subsequently arrested and remanded. 
Ilocos Norte is a province of the Philippines located in the Ilocos Region in Luzon. Its capital is Laoag City and is located at the northwest corner of Luzon Island, bordering Cagayan and Apayao to the east, and Abra and Ilocos Sur to the south. Ilocos Norte faces the South China Sea to the west and the Luzon Strait to the north. 

Ilocos Norte is also noted for being the birthplace of former President Ferdinand E. Marcos, who led an authoritarian rule over the country during the latter half of his incumbency. Ilocos Norte is also known as a northern tourist destination, being the location of Fort Ilocandia, an upper class hotel and beach resort famous among expatriates.