Sunday, July 28, 2013

Turkey: Update--Attacks on Britons in Marmaris, This Time At the Blue Bays Resort

According to The Mirror, a married British tourist in her 40s, was raped on July 26 in a spa at the Blue Bays resort in Marmaris, and had reportedly had a couple of sessions for the treatment for a bad back without incident, but on Friday the victim was raped as she was face down on the massage table. See

The victim was reportedly raped by married masseur Ziya Bozkurt, 27,

The victim is said to have quickly sprung from the table screaming for help, and fleeing to her guest room. Subsequently, hotel staff and a friend accompanied the victim to the hospital for forensic examination and then to local police to report the attack.

COMMENT: Fortunately, we live in an era of DNA analysis. Thus it is hope that the rapist will not be free for long.

Although in the majority of countries those who are alleged to have committed serious crimes (i.e., homicide, armed robbery and rape, etc.) are remanded into custody, the rapist in this case first said he "made a mistake" and then said that sexual intercourse was consensual. Bozkurt was released on bail. 

Generally speaking, and largely to reduce the allegations of sexual misconduct, a good number of luxury hotels worldwide insist that masseurs and masseuses and their clients be of the same sex, but not always.

The incident is the third sex attack involving Britons reported in ­Marmaris in recent weeks.

Last week THE SUNDAY MIRROR reported how a woman managed to fight off a knife-wielding assailant who broke into her room. He was later arrested. 

Another British tourist said she was raped by a taxi driver.

The sex attacks follow other recent ­incidents in Marmaris involving Britons. Dwayne Ward, 17, from Middlesbrough, was robbed and stabbed. Schoolgirl Faye Jones, 16, from Northumberland, ran away with a violent local bar-worker. She has now been found.

Now, for the interesting part. An unnamed Foreign Office spokesman said: “We would encourage people to take the same ­precautions they would at home.”

Perhaps the unnamed spokesman was new to the post, perhaps he/she had never traveled abroad or simply was raised in a cloistered environment.

In any event, British nationals are arrested and become crime victims with increasingly regularity on a global basis. Additionally, an AOL Travel survey reveals that 20% of respondents indicated that they were crime victims while abroad.

As someone who has served abroad a good part of my adult life as a US Regional Security Officer and Associate Director of Security in Latin America, the statement made by the unnamed Foreign Office spokesperson is simply NOT TRUE and has conveyed inaccurate information.

Foreign travelers who visit foreign destinations, particularly in developing nations, are often victimized by local criminals, largely because they have not checked and registered their travel with their appropriate on-line foreign affairs agency to determine the threats they may face.

Invariably, foreign travelers are not only unfamiliar with the threats they may face abroad, but the criminal tactics used by local thugs to relieve them of their wallets, cash, credit cards, mobile phones, tote bags, etc. and even their life.

Additionally, foreign visitors are frequently victims of homicide, armed robbery, assault, sexual assault, rape, extortion, con-games played on travelers and "snatch-and-grab" tactics. 

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As I have said so often in the first printing of my 2008 book, "Foreign travel can be fun, exciting, rewarding and fulfilling," but only if travelers of all nationalities are well-prepared for foreign travel, fully understand the threats they will encounter and have a strong sense of personal security awareness that will keep them from Harm's Way.

If they are unprepared for the threats abroad, they can and often will become victims.