According to The Associated Press, and as a follow-up to my posting of July 22, Norwegian graphic designer Marte Deborah Dalelv, 24, who was raped by a Sudanese co-worker while attending a business meeting in Dubai in March 2013, was eventually arrested and sentenced to 16 months in prison for having sex outside of marriage.

As if her rape was not one of the worst experiences in her young life, not to mention the  added risk of pregnancy, when she reported to the Dubai police that she had been raped, she was promptly arrested and sentenced to prison.

Please keep in mind that Ms. Dalelv was deprived of her freedom for nearly five months by the Dubai police until earlier today (July 23) when she thankfully arrived home.

COMMENT: If it was not for the outcry from Western nations and particularly her home country of Norway and the direct involvement of the Norwegian Foreign Ministry, and going public with her humiliating experience, she might well still be languishing in an Emirate prison, victimized yet again.

Dubai authorities eventually decided to pardon Dalelv, likely in the hope of avoiding a public relations nightmare and a possible tourist boycott. Arriving in Norway on Wednesday, Dalelv told the NRK news agency that she was happy to be home and was very much looked forward to eating pork again.

Ms. Dalelv did absolutely nothing wrong other than to be in an unenlightened nation that purports to be Westernized, yet nothing could be farther from the truth.

As I said in my earlier posting, one can only hope that the Norwegian Foreign Ministry is successful in ensuring that the victim's Sudanese rapist does every day of his 13-month prison sentence, which alone is disrespectful to Ms. Dalelv, as such a brief sentence for forcible rape is a slap on the hand.

Although pardoned, the Norwegian government should also take diplomatic steps to have her arrest and conviction expunged from the criminal database of the UAE. Otherwise, her record could haunt her for years.