Saturday, August 31, 2013

Australia: Update--In a Strange Twist, Italian Tourist, 26, Charged with Fraud to Cover-Up Carjacking

As a follow-up to my August 30 posting concerning the Italian tourist, 26, who reportedly was carjacked and assaulted, it now appears that the "victim" conned both the police and yours truly, as she seemingly has now been arrested for fraud and filing a false police report to cover up a collision she had with her rental car!

As our readers may recall, the "victim" originally said that she was carjacked by a man and a woman near Kakuda National Park when in fact she used the "carjacking" to cover up a collision she had with her rented Hyundai.

COMMENT: On Friday (August 30) she apparently acknowledged to police that she fabricated the story to cover up a collision she had with her rental.

Understandably, police took the woman's very seriously and devoted considerable police resources to investigating the "crime," only to discover that she came up with the elaborate "carjacking" and theft of all of her belongings to cover up a major collision she had had earlier. 

The injuries the woman alleges occurred during the assault and carjacking were in fact injuries sustained earlier.

She has now been charged with two counts of making a false declaration, driving without due care, failing to report an accident, and has been remanded into custody until she appears in court on Monday (September 2).

Needless to say, it appears unlikely that the Italian tourist requested "full coverage" of the Hyundai when she rented it, otherwise she would have no basis to engage in a major deception with police and concoct a "carjacking, injuries and theft of her belongings" that never stemmed from a crime. 

Foreign travelers should ALWAYS take full coverage of vehicles rented in a another country. 

We can only hope that an Australian magistrate will sentence her to time in jail so she learns her lesson. Otherwise, she'll continue to lie as she goes through life.

As a side note, over the last few years, our readers should know that a good number of foreign tourists and travelers have engaged in lying about such events as "forcible rape, assault and other crimes," simply to cover up their own bad choices, errors in judgment, inexperience and not understanding how to successfully function abroad.

If I can offer any advice to INEXPERIENCED foreign travelers and tourists, it is this: 

1. PLEASE study the risks and cultures you will encounter abroad BEFORE ever leaving home;

2. Ask for advice on how to function abroad if you don't really understand the "in's and out's" of how to be a prudent foreign traveler; and

3. Never, ever lie to cover your own mistakes, particularly to government officials.

Our readers will be updated as new information on this case becomes available.