Thursday, August 29, 2013

México: Country's Armored Vehicle Production Projected to Reach 2,500 Units in 2013

According to EFE, México’s armored car production program is expected to total 2,500 units this year, a figure matching the output in 2012, as reported by the Mexican Automotive Armor Association (AMBA).

Reportedly, the production of light-armored (LAV) and fully-armored vehicles (FAV) fell to about 20% during the second quarter in 2013, largely because of delayed acquisition from Mexican government procurement sources. Normally, roughly 30% of all LAV/FAV vehicles in México are purchased from the Mexican government.

The auto industry expects to sell up to 1.07 million light units this year even though the government revised its economic growth forecast downward from 3.5% to 1.8%.

COMMENT: AMBA members had a 51% market share in the first half of this year, when 589 vehicles were armored.

Purchasers are reportedly looking for ballistic-resistant vehicles with greater defeating capability, while lighter armor was the most popular five or six years ago. 

Exports are generally low due to high tariffs. Also, the demand for armored cargo trucks now accounts for 5% of the market.

Were export tariffs much lower, the demand for both LAV/FAV vehicles internationally has always been high, particularly in recent years, which is why most AMBA members generally service a domestic demand.

The real art in armoring all vehicles rests largely with using lighter armoring materials with greater defeating capability, particular attention to engine efficiency vis-à-vis armoring material weight distribution and creating a vehicle that does not look like it is light-armored or fully-armored. 

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