Thursday, September 12, 2013

Australia: Update--Italian Tourist, 25, Wins 1, Police Loss is Zero, Preference for Being Pretty

According to, Italian tourist Tiziana Ruffinatto, 25, who initially lied to NT police about being robbed, carjacked and sexually assaulted on a remote Northern Territory (NT) highway has derived a "slap on the hand," compliments of the Australian government, all because she opted OUT of having the Thrifty vehicle insured at the time the car was collected.

Ruffinatto, a very attractive, young Italian woman, was given an $800 fine and ordered to pay the $10,000 bill for damage to the Thrifty rental car after pleading guilty to making a false declaration to police last month, less $7,500 for NT police resources to investigate the "carjacking story," resulting in an amount due of only $2,200.

COMMENT: During the judicial proceedings, police prosecutor Andreas Andreou told Magistrate Michael Carey that Ruffinatto accidentally accelerated forward, slamming into a tree and causing extensive damage to the car in Kakadu National Park, boarded a bus to Darwin, but when Ruffinatto read the Thrifty rental agreement that said she would not be liable for damages to the car ONLY if it had been stolen. 

Consequently, when Ruffinatto went to the police station, she told Sergeant Andreas Andreou, NT Police Service, that she was attacked by a man with a stick, the car had been stolen from her and added in a second statement that she had been sexually assaulted.

Sergeant Andreou testified that extensive police resources were used to find the "carjackers" at a cost of $7,500, at which point Magistrate Carey did NOT order Ruffinatto to make restitution to the NT Police. 

As a result, Ruffinatto will have to pay the outstanding $2,200 bill to Thrifty before she can leave Australia.

In what can only be described as a male magistrate being swayed by a young pretty face in the form of a defendant, it seems clear that Ruffinatto should have been ordered to reimburse the NT government for $7,500 in wasted police resources, otherwise NT taxpayers will be forced to "pick up the tab."

This ruling should be subject to appeal, if that is legally possible, considering that Magistrate Carey did NOT rule that the NT government be reimbursed for wasted police resources as a result of Ms. Ruffinatto lying to police to cover up her own poor judgment.

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Perhaps the young Italian could earn what she owes the NT Police as an Australia-based model?