Tuesday, September 3, 2013

California: Bulgarian Bicyclist, 21, Hit, Killed by Motorist at 0330 Hours in Mission Bay Park

According to KUSI News, Stela Hristova, 21, a citizen of Bulgaria who was visiting her family in San Diego, was hit by a motorist and killed at approximately 0330 hours on Sunday morning (September 1) while riding her bicycle.

The young woman was riding her bike during hours of darkness without a helmet headed southbound in the middle of the traffic lane in the 2500 block of Ingraham Street on Vacation Island. 

The driver of a sedan swerved when he suddenly saw her in the middle of the traffic lane, but not in time, and tragically struck her.  

KUSI News did not indicate whether the motorist was charged, nor should he/she been charged based upon the information provided in the news piece, given the time of day and the fact that Ms. Hristova was riding in the center of the roadway apparently without lights.

COMMENT: Mission Bay Park is the largest man-made aquatic park in the United States, consisting of 4,235 acres, approximately 46% land and 54% water. The park also offers a wide range of recreational activities including paths for walking and jogging, and playgrounds for children. Annual attendance in the park is estimated at 15 million.

From a constructive point of view, it is unknown as to why Ms. Hristova was riding her bike at 0330 hours (i.e., during hours of darkness) without the benefit of a bicycle helmet and presumably without any form of front light on her bike or flashing signal on her bike seat or apparel that could be seen from behind her by motorists.

The young woman was taken to a nearby hospital where she died at 1405 hours from injuries she sustained in the collision.

My sympathies and condolences go out to the Hristova Family in the hope that they will find solace and comfort at this time of grief as they are forced to bury their daughter, something that no parent never wants to do.