Monday, September 30, 2013

Kenya: US Department of State Updates Travel Warning, Travel to Kenya Should be Deferred

COMMENT: In light of the recent terrorist attack on Nairobi's Westgate mall, effective September 27, 2013, the US Department of State urges caution in foreigners traveling to Kenya, an incident which claimed the lives of 67, many of them expats or wealthy Kenyans.

Additionally, the Kenyan Red Cross has stated that 39 persons are still missing from the al-Shabaab attack on the mall by upwards to 15 fighters, although the Kenyan government has stated that ALL of the missing have been accounted for.

Until such time as it is clearer as to whether there may be other attacks on the expat community in Kenya, I strongly suggest that foreign tourists defer discretionary travel to the country for a period of 21 days from today (September 30) until the impact of the mall of attack has been fully analyzed and understood. 

To date, the Kenyan government has made no announcement as to whether foreigners in Kenya are safe from further attacks nor has the government said when its analysis and conclusions of the mall attack will be released the public, particularly given the high death toll and the large number of missing persons.

For the full text of the State Department's latest travel warning on Kenya see: