Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Turkey: British Woman, 56, Shot, Killed, Family Members Injured at Dalyan Resort

According to the BBC, a British woman has been killed and her son, Alex, in his early 20s and her mother, Cecilia, in her 80s, injured in a shooting at the resort of Dalyan in Turkey over the weekend.

The decedent was Anne Bury, 56, from Northallerton, North Yorkshire. 

From all indications, the assailant was a Turkish national, 46, who served as the family's gardener. Presumably, a "heated argument" erupted in recent days.

COMMENT: Details seem to be sketchy, but Anne Bury reportedly notified Turkish police, albeit not soon enough.

It is unknown as to whether the assailant was in possession of a firearm or obtained it from another source.

The assailant has reportedly appeared in court and has been remanded into custody.

According to reports, the family was shot while celebrating a birthday party at a villa in the resort on Turkey's south coast.

Cecilia Bury has been discharged from the hospital while Alexander Gerard Bury is in a stable condition.

Anne Bury has been described by local people as a very good neighbor and a woman who always had time to chat.

This report will be updated as new information becomes available.