Thursday, September 12, 2013

Turkey: Update--Acar Family Says Briton Anne Bury, 56, and Veli Acar, 46, Were Lovers for 6 Years

According to The BBC, the family of a Turkish national, Veli Acar, 46, accused of shooting and killing Briton Anne Bury, 56, say the couple had been lovers for six years.

Veli Acar's family told The BBC that he had lived with Anne Bury and "enjoyed a happy love together."

Ms. Bury, 56, from North Yorkshire, was shot dead at the resort of Dalyan on Monday (September 9). Her son Alex remains in the hospital with wounds to his leg.

Acar who is understood to have been her family's gardener, has appeared in court and has been detained in a local correctional facility pending charges.

Ms Bury's mother, Cecilia Bury, from Middlesbrough, was also injured but has since been discharged from hospital. 

COMMENT: While Anne Bury's family has denied she and Acar were in a relationship, Acar's family has told the BBC the couple had lived happily together for about six years. Speaking through a translator, Acar's sister, Hulya, said: 

"All that my father and we know is that he was in love with her and he loved her very much. They enjoyed a happy love together, we know that. They came here and my mother and others looked after them very well. They were very happy so we are really confused now."

The only apparent evidence of any connection the couple had to one another is a framed photograph provided by Acar's father, Dursan, indicating that the couple were "two people in love," He added "that he was unaware of any difficulties between the pair," he was quoted as saying.

Acar's mother, Muzeyyen, added her son was "a very good child...He was very good and we loved Anne very much, but we don't know what happened," she said.

Meanwhile, the British Foreign Office is providing consular assistance to Ms. Bury's family.

It is unknown as to whether Veli Acar has been provided Turkish legal counsel, although seemingly both families are undergoing considerable strain at this turbulent time.

At such time as Veli Acar is formally charged and details of their relationship, whatever it may be precisely, becomes public, only then will a connection be made, but perhaps never, unless Turkish law mandates it so. 

In the meantime,  presumably Ms. Bury's son, Alex, and Anne Bury's mother, Cecelia, and very likely the family members of the Acar family will be called to testify which may or may not be potentially uncomfortable, if not embarrassing, for both families to endure.

Clearly, one family is talking and the other is not, resulting in the truth being somewhere in the middle. 

Hopefully, and technologically, evidence possessed by the Turkish police who were summoned to the Bury residence by Anne Bury while she was still alive may shed light on information not currently known. 

All of this will fortunately take time, which may lead to calmer heads prevailing.