Thursday, September 12, 2013

Turkey: Update--Japanese Women Stabbed in Zemi Valley

According to Beirut's Daily Star, a Turkish court has charged Mustafa Volkan Dilaver, 27, in the stabbing attacks on two Japanese women, both 22, on Monday (September 9).

The assailant in both attacks reportedly stabbed and killed Mai Kurihara first and then raped her dead body and badly wounded Kurihara's traveling companion, Hoshie Terramatsu, according to Hurriyet.

The court in the central city of Nevsehir charged Mustafa Volkan Dilaver, 27, with stabbing tourist Mai Kurihara to death and sexually assaulting her dead body.

The two Japanese women were attacked Monday while hiking in  popular tourist region of Cappadocia.

COMMENT: HURRIYET also reported that Japanese journalists were roughed up outside the courthouse by a group of the suspect's supporters when they attempted to photograph and film him being taken to jail after Wednesday's indictment (September 11).

Anti-riot police were reportedly dispatched push back the assailants supporting the suspect.

Also, police arrested two suspects supporting the arrested assailant on Tuesday (September 10) after Ms. Teramatsu identified one of them in photographs shown to her by investigators at the hospital where she was being treated, according to the ANADOLU AGENCY, which is Turkey's official news agency, based in 25 countries. 

Cappadocia, not far from where the two Japanese women were attacked, is visited by thousands of tourists every year, is famous for its lunar landscape of cone-shaped volcanic rock formations and its rock-carved underground cities.