Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Turkey: Update--Lover of Briton, 56, Shoots, Kills Her, Injures Victim's Mother, Son

According to The Independent, the family of a British woman shot and killed in the southern Turkish resort of Dalyan reported earlier today that they “cannot comprehend the mentality” of the Turkish lover/gardener of Briton Anne Bury, 56, who killed her and injured her son, Alex, and her mother, Cecelia, on Monday (August 9).
Anne's son, Alex, in his 20s, remains in a Turkish hospital with a gunshot wound.  Ms. Bury’s mother, Cecilia Bury, who is in her eighties, and from Middlesbrough, was also injured but has since been discharged from the  hospital. 

COMMENT: The family's Turkish gardener, 46, and reportedly Anne Bury's lover, has appeared in court and has been detained by police. 

Alex Bury has described how he pleaded with the gunman to stop the attack, trying to reason with him before he opened fire

The family said in a statement today: “Although we are still deeply shocked and grieving for Anne, we are pleased to say that both Anne’s mother and son are recovering from their injuries and have both been given wonderful care, treatment and support by hospital and consulate staff and many other local people."

Regardless of who may have been the initiator in the apparent relationship between the assailant and Ms. Bury, such liaisons of the heart are never prudent for obvious reasons.

This report will be updated as new information becomes available.