Thursday, September 26, 2013

Venezuela: President Maduro Avoids UN General Assembly, Citing Death Threat

According to The Latin American Tribune, President Nicolás Maduro, who was pre-selected by the late Hugo Chávez to replace him before the latter's death, on his way to New York City to attend the UN General Assembly, suddenly returned to Caracas citing a death threat against his life.
As a result, Maduro's name was removed from the list of speakers slated to address yesterday's (September 25) 68th session of the UN and returned to Caracas. 

COMMENT:  "When I got to Vancouver I evaluated the intelligence whch we received from several sources. I decided then and there to continue back to Caracas and drop the New York trip to protect a key goal: safeguarding my physical integrity, protecting my life," Maduro said.

Considering that federal law enforcement and the NYPD have both had a superb record in terms of keeping visiting foreign dignitaries safe during the General Assembly, regardless of the assessed threat against them, President Maduro's explanation sounds very much as if his visit to NYC was cancelled for another, less ominous reason. 

Interestingly, countless heads of state have a much more perilous personal threat against them than does President Maduro, who can hardly be described as an "A Lister."

Unfortunately, President Maduro has cancelled public appearances in the past because of his perceived threat from a symbolic assailant, which means that either he distrusts US law enforcement who might be assigned to protect him or he is aware of threat information that he has not shared with US officials. 

Or, far more likely, Maduro simply did not want to visit NYC for a reason unrelated to his personal security, where he can conveniently use "protected sources" which are never revealed on the basis of "national security."