Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Brazil: Gunmen Steal US$800,000 in Electronics From Warehouse in São Paulo Airport

According to The Latin American Tribune, a group of gunmen made off with high-value electronics valued at 1.8 million reais (US$800,000) from the TAM warehouse at São Paulo International Airport at approximately 2100 hours on Sunday (September 29).

Reportedly, the well-planned robbery was executed by upwards of ten gunmen wearing the uniforms of a delivery firm who suddenly broke into the TAM warehouse at the airport whereby they successfully loaded computers, electronic tablets and imported cameras that were being warehoused there prior to customs clearance.

COMMENT: Within 30 minutes, the gunmen overpowered five security guards located in the warehouse, ostensibly because the security guards were unarmed.

The firm responsible for administering the airport reported that it is cooperating with police in the matter and that it had placed at their disposal all the images recorded on security cameras in the cargo area.

In October 2012, in a similar heist, a group of men armed with machine-guns invaded the Viracopos Airport in the interior of São Paulo state and stole a shipment of Apple computers valued at 3.9 million reais ($1.7 million).

As I have often said in numerous postings in the past, Brazil has experienced a high level of violent crime for perhaps 30-40 years, which mandates that all security guards protecting high-value merchandise be heavily armed so that armed robbery attempts can be effectively neutralized.

No doubt, what was absent from the warehouse was closed-circuit surveillance cameras that triggered a silent alarm to airport police at the moment that a robbery was visually detected.