Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Cambodia: US Expat, Japanese Tourist Shot, Hospitalized in Separate Robberies in Capital

According to The Cambodia Daily, police in Phnom Penh have yet to identify any suspects in a pair of separate armed robberies which resulted in an American expatriate and a Japanese tourist being shot and hospitalized last month. 

At 1900 hours on September 27, US construction consultant Maurice Law, 57, and his wife, Debbie, were walking home in Chamkar Mon district when two men approached them on a motorcycle, robbed them at gunpoint then shot Maurice in the groin before speeding away. 

The following evening, September 28, at approximately 2000 hours,  Sakiko Takayanagi, a Japanese tourist, was shot in the leg when she resisted a robbery, also by two men on a motorcycle, while walking near the Night Market in Daun Penh district.

COMMENT:  Historically, largely due to political and economic factors, crime in Phnom Penh remains high, with foreign visitors and expats being a major targeting category because of their perceived wealth.

Although the media report failed to address an explanation as to why Mr. Law was shot, it in all likelihood occurred because he and/or his wife hesitated in turning their valuables over to the perpetrators.

Neither Brig. Gen. Tito nor Chamkar Mon district police chief Ouch Sokhon provided any details of the status of either investigation, other than to say that efforts are underway to apprehend the perpetrators.
Maurice Law, who has been at Calmette Hospital since being operated on the night he was shot, said Monday (October 7) that the four perforations in his groin and left thigh are healing well.

I strongly recommend against resisting an armed robbery in Cambodia or any other country,  for that matter, as crime victims run the risk of being injured or killed. No amount of property is worth your life!