Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Global Impact: Perú Emerging as a Center for Counterfeiting Foreign Currency

According to The Latin American Tribune, Peruvian police on Tuesday (October 29) arrested a suspect who planned to travel to the United States with more than US$4 million in counterfeit dollars and euros.

The head of the Peruvian National Police Bribery Division, Col. Segundo Portocarrero, said the US$3.7 million in phony $100 bills and a smaller quantity of counterfeit 20-, 50- and 100-euro notes were seized at an inn located in the northern Lima district of Comas after a four-month-long investigation.
COMMENT: Authorities identified the arrested suspect as Pablo Sierra Gómez and said they were looking for other confederates who might be implicated in the counterfeiting scheme.

In September 2013, a US Treasury Department official reported that Perú has become the world's largest foreign country for producing counterfeit currency.

In recent years, Peruvian police in recent years have seized more than US$100 million in counterfeit US dollars. 

Consequently, foreign travelers to Perú should obtain US dollars only through reputable Peruvian and international banking institutions.

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