Wednesday, October 16, 2013

India: Bus Containing 38 French Tourists Injured, Some Seriously, When Bus Crashes from Behind

According to The Himalayan, a tour bus transporting 38 French tourists was hit from behind by another speeding tour bus while on a pan-India tour on Monday (October 14) and had left for Pushkar roughly 15-20 minutes before the accident occurred. 
 The French tourists, numbering 38, including the tourist guide, driver and conductor of the bus were injured. All of them were rushed to MDM Hospital with six victims seriously injured who have been admitted into the ICU.        The impact of the collision was so gruesome that the hands of four female tourists were severed from their bodies and were scattered throughout the scene.

The driver of the speeding bus that ran into the rear of the tour bus fled the scene, as is common in many developing countries. As this report is filed, police are still searching for the driver.

COMMENT: The severity of this accident is yet another reminder of the risk of traveling by tour bus in developing countries, particularly over long distances, which is why I generally discourage cross-country bus tours. It should also be noted that tour bus accidents in India are a common occurrence.
As I have said so often over the years, it is essential that all foreign travelers subscribe to international medical treatment and evacuation coverage before leaving home as it is common for many medical providers to refuse treatment until payment is guaranteed. Normally, such insurance runs roughly US$8-10 a day and can give travelers peace of mind when traveling in countries where treatment may be withheld.