Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Kenya: Armed Robbery of Tourist, Kenyans Suggest Truck Breakdown was Contrived

According to Xinhua, a group of gunmen robbed a tourist and other Kenyan passengers of their personal belongings and money in Samburu in northern Kenya late on Saturday (October 19) after a truck conveniently broke down that was transporting the passengers from one place to another. In effect, the breakdown was seemingly contrived by the gunmen.
The foreigner, an engineer with dual citizenship in South Africa and Australia and a number of Kenyan passengers were all robbed of their cash and belongings.
Local police reported that the gunmen stole the foreigner's camera, US$600, a smart-phone and other valuable items.
COMMENT: All travelers should be well-advised that for perhaps ten years or more the criminal threat and terrorism in Kenya have been designated as "critical" by the US Department of State, which is the highest level of threat of four categories: Critical, High, Medium and Low. 

Kenya is a risk-rich country with a generally ineffective police force which is a recipe for victimization for foreigners and Kenyans alike. 

Unless travelers have a well-honed sense of personal security awareness and are well-prepared for virtually any calamity, Kenya is probably one country  that should be excluded from your "to-do" list.

As a matter of interest, during the recent mall takeover and hostage crisis on the outskirts of Nairobi, active duty police officers were observed looting countless stores in the mall, rather than performing their official duties.