Thursday, October 24, 2013

Perú: EU Vote May Exempt Peruvians, Colombians from Visa Requirement

According to The Peruvian Times, both Peruvians and Colombians may soon be able to visit EU nations without a visa, if a European Union parliamentary commission’s motion is ratified by member states.
The commission approved the motion to exempt the visa requirement for Peruvians and Colombians in a vote of 51 in favor, two against and two absentees.

The exemption of a visa would be for individuals from the two South American nations that visit one of the 26 European nations for a maximum time of 90 days.

COMMENT: The motion came to a vote at the urging of Spain, which is facing a 25% unemployment rate at home, whose nationals have considerable employment opportunities in both Perú and Colombia.

Additionally, Spain has potential business interests and opportunities in Latin America given the fact that they share a common language with the exception of Brazil.

The exemption of visas for Peruvians and Colombians requires further approval in the European Union’s parliament which hopefully will be ratified by member nations.