Friday, October 11, 2013

Thailand: Russian Tourist in 30s Killed, 38 Others Injured in Bus Accident in Kanchanaburi

According to The Bangkok Post,  a Russian tourist in her 30s was killed and 38 others injured in a bus accident in Kanchanaburi's SaiYok district earlier today (October 11).

Upwards of 38 injured Russian passengers were taken to Sai Yok Hospital after their bus overturned.

A police spokesperson said the bus with Bangkok licence plate 32-2795, overturned as it came down a slope near Maha Wang Chang elephant village at around noon.

Rescuers had to use electric equipment to cut open the vehicle to get to the injured, including adults and children, as ambulances rushed to the scene.

A Russian woman thought to be in her mid-thirties suffered a punctured lung and died while being transported to Sai Yok Hospital.

Six of the injured tourists remain in a critical condition. 

COMMENT: The bus driver, Kasian Karaket, 53, has been detained. He told investigators that he had been taking the Russians from Pattaya to the elephant village in Sai Yok. The driver said he lost control of the vehicle while driving down the slope, causing the bus to overturn.

I continue to urge our readers to be very cautious of bus transportation in not only Thailand, but in all developing countries, as many foreign travelers are far too trusting of bus transportation in such countries, putting themselves at considerable risk of serious injury and/or death.