Monday, October 28, 2013

Thailand: Two Omani Tourists Drugged, Robbed by Thai Woman in Pattaya

According to The Pattaya Daily News, two Omani tourists allegedly had their drinks spiked before being robbed in Thailand’s tourist hot spot of South Pattaya in the early hours of Friday morning (October 25).

The two Omani nationals were returning to their hotel in Soi Kor-Phai, Chonburi Province when a woman, described by police officers as between 30 and 35 years of age, took them to the Seat House Motel where they were given spiked drinks.

COMMENT: After having their drinks spiked by either sedatives or date-rape drugs, the two men fell unconscious and woke up hours later to find the woman gone as well as their belongings which included US$400 and a smart-phone. 

What happened to the two victims is a common occurrence in Thailand where foreigners invariably are drugged with drinks, largely for being too trusting of strangers.

Invariably, the expectation of inexpensive sexual encounters is just that, a scam. 

As a result, visitors, both men and women alike, should never accept drinks in a motel room unless the bona fides of the person preparing the drinks has been vetted and corroborated.

It is far better for visitors to use their hotel bars as meeting places or reputable bars and nightclubs that have been recommended by hotel concierge staff.

Additionally, if visitors intend to pursue sexual opportunities in Thailand, their hotels should be used which often includes purveyors of such services being compelled to submit a copy of their national identity card to the reception desk before being authorized to visit a designated guest room. 

Given the high frequency of HIV/AIDS in Thailand, foreigners should always use safe sex while in the country as a defense against STDs and life-threatening infections.