Wednesday, October 30, 2013

UK: Italian Waiter, 20, Beaten to Death, Best Friend Recovering from Injuries, Motive Elusive

According to Kent Online, A young Italian waiter, Joele Leotta, 20, who was beaten to death after an alleged attack at a Maidstone flat on October 20, suffered fatal head injuries, according to a coroner's inquest earlier today. 

Coroner Patricia Harding advised those present that Leotta and his best friend, Alex Galbiati, who had traveled to the UK together to improve their English and seek employment,  were in their pajamas and getting ready for bed when they were allegedly assaulted by four Lithuanian men who resided in a flat in the same building above the Vesuvius Italian restaurant, located on Lower Stone Street.

Four Lithuanian nationals charged with the attack that led to the murder of Leotta and injuries sustained by Galbiati  include: Aleksandras Zuravliovas, 26, of Beaumont Road; Tomas Gelezinis, 30, of Lower Stone Street; Saulius Tamoliunas, 23, of Union Street; and 21-year-old Linas Zidonis, of no fixed address.

The assailants, all from Maidstone, are also accused of causing grievous bodily harm to Galbiati, who was taken to hospital and is now recovering from his injuries.

COMMENT: Leotta and  Galbiati only arrived in Kent to learn English only ten days before they were attacked by the Lithuanians.

Subsequent to the attack on the two Italians, Leotta was taken to King's College Hospital in London, but later died of head injuries.

According to police, ten assailants have been arrested in connection with Leotta's death.

Fortunately, Galbiati will be instrumental in testifying in court against the Italians' assailants, once he is released from the hospital. 

The motive for the attack on the two Italian men is still under investigation. Consequently, updated information will be provided as it becomes available.

Even in developed nations, as many of our postings reveal, no matter where we live, temporarily or permanently, there are personal risks that may confront us, which is why it is important for those living in a common dwelling to be well aware of other occupants so that we may be cognizant of threats against us. If we are not made aware of such risks, we should take steps to resolve questions we may have.

Many details in this case are not adequately reported in the public media, although I'll be the first one to acknowledge that all print and online media do have space limits.

A final note. It is unknown as to how the Lithuanian assailants gained access to the Italians' flat, which suggests that all temporary and permanent residents either seek advice on how to adequately protect access to their residence and/or request approval from the landlord so as to make the necessary improvements to safeguard your well-being.